Meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

It was an honour to participate in a brunch with the the Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Marawiecki, as well as with the representatives of foreign companies operating in Poland.

  • During the meeting, Mr. Morawiecki precisely answered various questions from the present businessmen. To sum up all of the points of discussion, according to the Deputy Prime Minister:
  • lack of sufficient number of workers could be resolved by enhancing the student and elderly involvement into the workforce; government-based incentives and initiative to keep the elderly on the labour market can be expected
  • prolonged process of the registration of new ventures is a consequence of anti carousel fraud practice, as it is mainly the newly registered companies, who partake in such crimes
  • aiming to improve the air quality, a program supporting the production of electric buses will be in place; within the next 3 years, 25% of buses is supposed to be electrically powered
  • Special Economic Zones will not cease to exist, their will however change their spectrum; Perhaps, they will only be intended for advanced technology entities.; Perhaps, similarly to Czech Republic, the entire country would become a Special Economic Zone
  • Public-Private Partnership projects are the reserve for public investment, hence it is time for them to perform more effectively
  • spending on public health care is meant to increase within the next 6-7 years to constitute 6% of the country’s GDP
  • currently, entering the Eurozone is not beneficial for Poland due to the structure of Polish economy.
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