What we do

JKR Legal specializes in:

How we work
  • We offer practical solutions instead of theoretical analysis. We finalise the transactions efficiently, end the disputes successfully and give advice which helps our clients achieve business goals.
  • We aprecciate the individuality of every case and client. Due to our experience, depth of specialised knowledge, and continuous improvement of our methods of practice, we can advise our clients on complex cases and help them make appropriate decisions.
  • Our commitment to our client’s legal problems, our accessibility and rapid decision making, builds trust and creates long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We listen with understanding, appropriately evaluate the situation and propose the optimal solutions in the most difficult projects.

Our services
JKR Legal specializes in the real estate, public-private partnerships- PPP, arbitration, court and administrative proceedings.

Our Real Estate services:

  • Transactional advice
  • Lease and tenancy agreements
  • Investment process
  • Due diligence of companies and real estate
  • Real estate financing
  • Infrustructure projects
  • Reducing the payments for perpetual usufruct of land and the real estate tax

We advise on the industrial, residential and agricultural premises, hotels, office spaces, shopping malls and hypermarkets, public use buildings, logistics centres.

Transactional advice

  • Support upon real estate sale and purchase transactions (asset deal and share deal) with respect to e.g. commercialised retail facilities, office buildings, logistics centres, and residential estates.
  • Assessment of real estate purchase risks and presentation of solutions aimed to mitigate these risks prior to the transaction.
  • Drafting transaction documentation and negotiations with the other party of e.g. terms of real estate sale agreements, share purchase agreements, escrow account agreements, reports of deposits, bank and corporate guarantees.

Lease and tenancy agreements

  • Drafting and negotiating lease agreements for office, retail, warehouse and production space both for the lessee and the lessor, at the construction and post-construction stage.
  • Negotiations of amendment annexes to the existing lease agreements, including an early termination and settlement of outlays for leased space.
  • Preparation of the standard draft of the lease agreement.

Investment process

  • Advice upon obtaining administrative decisions, fulfilling environmental requirements and permits required under the Planning and Spatial Development Act and the special Acts.
  • Interpretation of the local area development plans and representation of the clients during their modification.
  • Drafting and negotiating key investment-related agreements, including construction contracts (including FIDIC contracts), architectural design contracts, project management contracts, investment supervision contracts, contracts with subcontractors.
  • Preparing security instruments for contracts in the investment process, including bank, corporate and insurance guarantees.

Due diligence of companies and real estate

  • Legal due diligence of real estate for planned development, development in progress and of existing buildings.
  • Review and assessment of the real estate with unclear legal status or to which former owners lodge claims.
  • Due diligence projects for real estate buyers and sellers and for entities financing or providing security interests for purchase or extension of the real estate, including entities insuring legal title to the real estate.
  • Legal due diligence of companies, regarding title to shares, existing pledges over shares or bank accounts, treasury pledges (if any), tax arrears etc.

Real estate financing

  • Drafting and negotiations of credit facility agreements to finance the real estate purchase or extension of the existing buildings, refinance investment credits taken
  • to develop or remodel the real estate, providing security interests, including mortgages,
  • verification of real estate related credit agreement terms, such as conditions precedent to be met prior to payment) and conditions subsequent (upon the loan payment), related to the real estate.

Infrastructure projects

  • Legal advice upon infrastructure projects with respect to road construction and municipal investment projects concerning water supply or heat distribution networks.

Reducing the payments for perpetual usufruct of land and the real estate tax

  • We analyse our clients’ real estate in cooperation with the experienced real estate appraisers and building surveyors and we offer we the comprehensive solutions leading to reduction of real estate tax and of the payments for perpetual usufruct of land.
  • We represent clients before common and administrative courts, and administrative authorities, including construction supervision authorities regarding updating the payments for perpetual usufruct of the land.

Public-private partenrship projects – PPP

  • Prearing tender documentation for clients, representing clients during limited and unlimited tenders or competitive dialogue.
  • Drafting and negotiating concession agreements and public-private partnership agreements.

Court and administrative proceedings, arbitration

Representing clients before common and administrative courts, and administrative authorities, including construction supervision authorities. Representing clients in proceedings before permanent courts of arbitration, particularly with regard to the following issues:

  • protection of copyright, trademarks and patents,
  • construction work agreements, lease agreement, developer agreements; agreements regarding removing the property defects, abolition of co-ownership of the real estate, division of the estate, division of wealth, establishment of land easement;in case of the real estate with unclear legal status or to which former owners lodge claims regarding infringement of the estate ownership,revision of payments for perpetual usufruct of land,
  • compensation and payments


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